Behind the Scenes of manimedia Video Production

As a video production company, we constantly face the challenge of producing high-quality videos and efficiently managing fresh material. In this post, we take a behind-the-scenes look at our processes and reveal one of our clever tricks: transferring video material with a Raspberry Pi.

The Video Production Process

Our creative process starts with brainstorming ideas and ends with editing the captured material. After a successful shoot, the next step is to quickly and securely transfer the raw footage to our servers to begin the further editing process.


The Role of the Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi

This is where the Raspberry Pi comes into play. A Raspberry Pi is a versatile mini-computer that is ideal for various applications. In our case, it serves as an interface between the cameras and our servers. Its compact size and energy efficiency make it perfect for overnight use when server capacity is not needed for other tasks.

Why Raspberry Pi?

Compactness: The Raspberry Pi is small and portable, making it ideal for use during shoots.

Energy Efficiency: With low power consumption, the Raspberry Pi allows continuous transfer without high energy costs.

Flexibility: Due to the adaptability of the Raspberry Pi, we can use it for various aspects of our production.

Cost-Effective: Compared to traditional computers, the Raspberry Pi is very cost-effective.


All factors of the efficiency triangle are met from our perspective:

Efficiency Triangle


The Process in Practice

After completing a shoot, we attach the SD cards from the cameras to the Raspberry Pi, which then automatically transfers the data to our servers. This process not only provides efficiency but also ensures that our valuable material is securely stored.


Overview of the Manimedia Workflow

Video Shoot: Our video teams capture material on location.

Automatic Transfer: The Raspberry Pi securely forwards the data to our servers overnight.

Editing: The next day, our editors can seamlessly work with the fresh material.


With the integration of the Raspberry Pi into our workflow, we ensure quick access to fresh material. In the world of video production, it’s often the small innovations that make the crucial difference. Stay tuned for more insights and tips from the world of video production, and feel free to reach out if you have any questions.