The perfect Exposure Time

In the context of corporate photography, the choice of exposure time plays a crucial role in capturing the perfect moment. In this post, we shed light on the significance of exposure time, provide three practical tips, and take a look at examples of companies that master the art of exposure time.

The Role of Exposure Time in Photography

Exposure time not only influences exposure but also affects the representation of movement and dynamics. In corporate photography, it is crucial to choose the right settings to achieve the desired visual impact.

Our Key Principles for Perfect Exposure Time

Key Principles
  1. Use a fast exposure time to freeze fast movements. This is ideal for capturing sharp and precise shots of products, people, or events.
  2. Experiment with a longer exposure time to create motion blur. This adds a dynamic touch to your images, especially when capturing events or teams in action. Employ a very long shutter speed for creative effects like light trails or blurred movements, which can play a role in depicting energy, innovation, or an innovative work environment.

Companies that have perfected these techniques are subsequently featured:

Motion and Dynamics – Exposure Time

Motion and Dynamics – Exposure Time

Nike employs fast shutter speeds to capture athleticism and movement in their photographs of athletes. The sharp details emphasize the dynamism of their products.


Stylish Event Photography – Exposure Time

stilvolle Eventfotograpfie – Belichtungszeit

Coca-Cola skillfully uses longer shutter speeds at events to capture the festive atmosphere. Motion blur conveys a sense of liveliness and community.


Creative Long Exposure – Exposure Time

Creative Long Exposure – Exposure Time

Toyota relies on long exposure to showcase innovative vehicle technologies. The creative effects underscore the modern and advanced image of the brand.



Modifying exposure time is a powerful and versatile tool in corporate photography for capturing the perfect moment. With the right settings, you can capture the desired atmosphere, dynamics, and creativity in your images. Experiment with different exposure times to tell your corporate story in a visually appealing way. For individual advice or cooperation offers feel free to contact us.